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William Steel first met Robert Durst when they literally ran into each other outside of a fast food joint in Manhattan in 1982, not long after the real estate scion's first wife Kathie mysteriously vanished without a trace. What began as an angry confrontation evolved into a symbiotic relationship that exposed Steel to Durst's demented world of drug- and fetish-fueled sex.

Sex and the Serial Killer: My Bizarre Times with Robert Durst is a chilling yet fascinating journey into the life of a man who may prove to be the wealthiest serial killer in American history. It rips the lid off a host of shocking secrets that have never been revealed before. This book is also a quest for justice that one brave man has launched under the most dangerous of circumstances. Steel has risked his own life to raise awareness about all of Durst's victims and to help hold him accountable for his horrific crimes.

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Sex and the Serial Killer:
My Bizarre Times with Robert Durst

Sex and the Serial Killer - My Bizarre Times with Robert Durst - Dursturbed

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